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All Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) if you are outside the UK you can use the currency converter to find out how much it will cost at current exchange rates.
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£40 for half hour and £70 for an hour...


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All Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) if you are outside the UK you can use the currency converter to find out how much it will cost at current exchange rates.

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Jo has been an accomplished, intuitive tarot reader and teacher for over a decade. Allow her to guide you through your life's path by giving you insights into your past, present and your potential future. We offer...

FACE to FACE READINGS: £60 for 45 mins (approx).


You can book Jo to read your cards and give you guidance on the things that are important to your life right now  in a face to face session if you live in the Sheffield, UK  area only. 

Otherwise Please take advantage of our Email Readings listed below.


New: Skype consultations now available!

Tarot is a counselling tool. Anyone who is savvy with the tarot deck will know that the more input you have in your reading the more you will get out of it... thats why, though email readings are terrific at giving guidance, if you want real direction then you should interact with your reader. That's why I have decided to offer Skype consultations because I realise that many of my clients are not based locally to me here in Sheffield UK where I can give face to face readings.

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Not in the South Yorkshire Area? Don't worry. You can order your personal reading by email and we guarantee your cards will be personally read by Jo who will write you a full report including which cards you were dealt and which spread she used for you. She will also add any insights from her Guardian Angel and Guides to help you on your journey. Please note that readings can take up to 28 days though we try to get them to you within 10.


Choose a spread from the list below and make your order using the paypal facility above Jo's picture.

3 Card Spreads


Past Present & Future £25

Do you have a dilemma that you need insight into? By taking an indepth look at the origins of the current issue and how it looks from the present viewpoint, the tarot cards can accurately predict the most likey future outcome for your question, should you continue to take the course you are on. Jo will guide you toward making healthier choices and thus creating the future you really want.


Relationship £35

Is there a special someone that you would like to understand better and receive guidance on your relationship with them? This spread looks at the way you affect them, the way they affect you and most importantly, the dynamic between you both. This spread is helpful for gaining insight into any two people or entities and to promote and create better, more forgiving, interdependant connections.

7 Card Spreads


Career Spread £47


Designed to look at your career to date and forward to see what changes you might want to make or what is in store for you in your working life... this spread will aid you in finding fulfilment in your working life and also gaining a good work/life balance.


Life Path/Purpose Spread £47


Many of us are not sure if we are walking the right path or fulfilling our divine purpose. This spread looks at your gifts, talents and current challenges to help you make the most of your life whilst being of divine service.

In Depth Spreads


The Priorities Spread


This in depth reading combines a 3 card spread with a 16 card spread that focuses on the 4 main areas of your life: Health & Stresses, Love & Relationships, Finances & Resources and Career & Creation. Using only the Major Arcana and the Aces from the deck, it plots the most important influences in your life in order of priority and looks at them in timeline perspective - what brought you here, where you are, where you are going. Of course as always, Jo's gentle but straight forward guidance comes as standard.