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Stephen Russell

The Barefoot Doctor

Taoist Master, Stephen Russell

To be honest, if he doesn't know it, its probably not worth knowing... except when it comes to angels... you're better off asking Jo about those!

MBS Festival logo

Mind Body Spirit Festival


Creating events and exhibitions for Mind, Body & Spirit since 1977.

Ipssissimus hare and owl logo


Edwin Courtenay and his partner Andrew Helme

(aka the owl and the hare)

We are reliably informed by Edwin that Ipssissimus means the highest order of magician and we just love 'em. Edwin is one of the most insightful spiritual teachers/speakers that we have heard in a long time.


Abbeydale Web

If you want to know how this amazing website came into being (and indeed who is responsible) then look no further:

Mike and Jeanette, Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Oh, and If you want to look stunning in a photo (see the fab shots of Jo throughout the site) then Jeanette is your woman!

Did I say thank you?