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Level 1

Week 1.        Guides and Angels. / Action plan for learning.      

Each of us has a different journey to take and it is our guides and angels who hold the true blueprint for our current incarnation. This module is designed for us to attempt to find out our current path so that the future modules can be put into context for individual learning.


Week 2.      Individual pathways, divining.

Now that we have looked at our individual action plans we are going to use methods of divining such as dowsing to establish the course, but how does it work? What is synchronicity?


Week 3.        Aura Work and The Subtle Body.

Do you know how many layers there are in your aura? How do your chakra’s effect your subtle body? How big is your aura?


Week 4.        Trusting Angels (Angelic communication).

We have fun and games this week, as we learn how our angels might communicate with us, and how frustrating we humans can be to our gracious guardians.


Week 5.        Understanding the Monad

We take a look at the theory of the “Divine spark” that is present within all of us, and build the connection to our soul-selves using the Antakarana Bridge.


Week 6.        Blockages and Obstacles.

During this module’s meditation we will be looking at what gets in the way of spiritual progress. As these obstacles often appear as metaphor we will attempt to identify everyday blockages and put a name and face to them.


Week 7.        Fear, Freedom and Affirmations.

We know now what’s getting in the way so let’s deal with it and get it to work in our favour.


Week 8.        My Path, My family, My Life.

As your vibrations and your light levels begin to rise, changes in you become apparent. As family and friends notice these changes this can have an effect on relationships. This module is about holding it together (or not as the case may be) the choice is individual.


Week 9.        Angelic Golden-Ray Healing/Colour Healing.

You will have heard of spiritual healing and Reiki and other energy therapies, this module is a simple taster of Angelic Energy Healing and connecting with aspects of Archangel Raphael.


Week 10.     Plotting the Course and Signposts

This week we are finding the sign posts, indications/ contradictions to walking our individual pathways. Recording and using these for learning and growth.


Level 3

Week 1.        Raising Vibrations

We are set to have lots of fun and games in this module, as we look at different ways of lifting/cleansing vibrations in a room or in ourselves. Who knows, I might even make you sing.


Week 2.        Obstacles and Blockages

A re-visit to this subject to see how effective we have been at dealing with our fears and whether others have arisen.


Week 3.        Divination – Oracles

A look at new methods of reading, and being read – we look at finding individuals tools and our intuitive strengths and weaknesses.


Week 4.        Inspirational Writing,  Art & Creativity

Creative expression is a way of connecting with ones higher self but also a clear method of channelling. With the help of Archangel Chamuel we will attempt to become ‘pure , clear channels’


Week 5.        The Next Step – Journey So Far

Level 3 is a reflective journey and by now we have made much progress along our personal paths. Together with our guides we will look at our direction and set out a list of personal goals.


Week 6.        Review – Journey So Far

Re-cap of all our previous weeks and discussions of how the class is helping/ hindering your progress. This session will determine future learning beyond Level 4, with your input and that of our combined guides.


Week 7.        Crystals, Colours, Medicine Kit (toolbox)

Creating your own personal spiritual toolbox for personal healing and teaching others is a lifetime’s work and as we have discovered your gifts along the way, we can now tailor your toolbox to match.


Week 8.        Feng Shui – The Basics

Ever wondered what effect the position of your bed has? Ever wondered why you always choose the same seat in the house? Now is your chance to analyse why. This module charts your home and how to heal it and you by making small changes.


Week 9.        Managing Change, Vibrational Shift

A brief look at how we react to change and managing our own moods when things aren’t as smooth as they might be.


Week 10.     Plotting the Course – Creating an Action Plan.

I think by now you will have got the general idea about this one – are we still on the right path?





Continued Learning & Maintenance


Beyond the 4 basic training levels, it is important to anyone who is living a spiritual life, to maintain a disciplined spiritual practice.


Our continued learning plan is structured into sets of 3 week focus sessions (1 session per week across the 3 weeks) to help you to maintain that practice and to also expand your learning into as yet unexplored subjects and areas.


Each set is tailored to the group's needs and current energetic trends.