Angelic Golden Ray Healing

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Sorry gents, Jo is unable to see you in person at this time. Please request a distance healing session if you wish.


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The 12 Higher Chakras

The colours of the chakras change as your vibration raises through the 5th 6th and 7th dimensions. Come along to lightbuilding session to find out how!

Stellar Gateway

Situated about 12 -18 inches above your head this is the direct link to your divine self and to Source.

Soul Star

Locate 6-12 inches above the head this chakra is your connection to your soul and then ultimately to your monad.


The causal chakra can be found about 4 inches behind your head on the same level as your third eye and is your antenna for receiving divine guidance.


The top of your head. This is the key to opening your mind to a larger consciousness and connection to spirit.

Third Eye

At Brow level. The view screen through which we see clairvoyantly and understand intuition.


Literally this sits at our throat or the base of your neck and from here we communicate and co-create with source.


The centre of our chest where we find balance of intellect with emotion. This is the point of feeling.

Solar Plexus

Situated at the base of the ribcage we hold our seat of personal power here.


Located just above the tummy button in the golden are this is our social centre and links to the incarnational star which is our point of origin.


When using lower chakras this encompasses both the Naval and the Sacral which only splits to create two separate chakras when we reach a 5th dimensional state. the sacral sits about 3 or 4 fingers width bellow our tummy button and is where we link sexuality with compassion and empathy.


Level with the base of the spine our base or root chakra is our power house for our physical vessel and manages our survival instincts and energy levels.

Earth Star

This is located about 6 inches below our feet connecting us to Mother Earth and is where we ground our blueprint for this lifetime, turning spirit into matter.


Distance Healing

Angelic Healing


This energy therapy works by channelling the Angelic Golden Ray (also known as the Christ Ray) down from Source through the heart centre and out through the palms into the recipients aura. Unlike Reiki though, it is directed straight into the body's energy centres known as Chakras.


You may already be aware of the seven main chakras within the body, when performing this kind of healing though, energy is channelled into the 12 higher chakras, whether activated or not, in order to give a fuller experience and greater wellbeing.


An experienced Angelic Healer should be able to give you verbal feedback as to the condition of each chakra as well as to heal and energise it during the process. This means that you may get what appears at first glance to be a full psychic reading.


Each of your chakras tells a story of your current health and well being and so advice may be given for ways to support your body's energetic systems during this sitting.


What should you expect?


  • Angelic healing takes place with you in a sitting position so that the healer can work on both your front and back simultaneously. 
  • The energy flows freely through clothes so there is no need to undress.
  • Depending on the condition of your energetic self the treatment will take between 20-60 minutes. You should allow 90 mins for your first session.
  • If you have repeated treatments the time should reduce each session as your chakras become healthier.
  • You may feel some gentle pressure at times even though the practitioner isn't actually touching you, if this occurs you should mention it to your therapist who will move his or her hands further apart.


How will this Benefit you?


  • This is a complete energy balancing system that will help to support you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • Your therapist should be able to give you insight into the cause of energy blockages in your system which helps for you to take control of your own personal healing on a conscious level
  • This therapy is incredibly relaxing and helps to release deep seated emotional and physical trauma whilst gently supporting you as a holistic being.
  • Although you may feel very tired or even tearful after a session, renewed energy and vitality are often experienced within a few hours or days of receiving angelic healing.


Additional Information

  • When Jo performs Angelic Golden Ray Healing she activates your blueprint for your current incarnation and as a result often triggers your ability to find your purpose and your path.
  • Not all Angelic Healers are channels and as such the information they provide may not be as specific although the healing itself is still as effective


How much will it cost you?

Golden Ray Healing with Jo costs  

£65 for an initial session


£55 for follow up sessions*

(*depending on the intensity of treatment. Stubborn blockages and traumas including major illness may require more intense healing and Jo will advise if there is any price difference fo this).




Angelic Golden Ray Healing is not intended to be a substitute for medical care and should be used to compliment and support traditional care. If you are suffering from any physical, mental or emotional illness then we always recommend that you consult your GP/Physician.

Remote Healing

If you are not local to South Yorkshire, UK, where Jo is based and you cannot make it to any of her events for healing then you might like her to add you to her remote healing list.


Group Distance Healing

Jo allows time to channel angelic energy every Thursday evening between 17:30 and 18:00 UK Time before she runs her lightbuilding and meditation classes, if you would like her to personally dedicate some of that golden ray energy to you whether it be for physical or emotional healing, then please do send her a quick email to with your name, general location and a quick note on what you need healing.

Perhaps you might even like to dedicate it to someone else? (In which case their name and location is needed).

Group remote healing is completely FREE of charge.


Dedicated Personal Distance Healing

If you would prefer a dedicated distance healing session, Jo will conduct a 30 minute channelled healing session on your behalf at an agreed time when you can be in a quiet relaxed state to gain maximum benefit. Prior to the session Jo will email you with some questions regarding your condition and what it is you would like healing for and then will email you a couple of days after the healing session with some feedback.

Angelic Golden-Ray Healing is highly effective regardless of where or how far away its intended target, however as it requires proximity to gain full psychic feedback from your chakras, the impressions Jo reports back from the session may be less specific than in person.

The healing session including email feedback is just £55 GBP

To book your personal distance healing session simply hit the Buy Now button below and shortly after completion of purchase you will be contacted to arrange a time for your session. (Please take into account timezone differences).