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If you were to be standing in outer-space looking back at this beautiful planet this colour is what you would see. It would appear calm, clear, fresh and appealing and you couldn’t help but want to come home… (or visit if you hadn’t been before). It’s something worth exploring.


Positive Attributes

Truth, Trust, Authenticity, Revelation, Clarity, Communication,


Negative Attributes

Blinding, Cold, Stark, Unfeeling, Reality, Isolation


How are you feeling…?

Feeling Blue? In this case that can come from the cold hard reality of a situation and your inability to see how to change it. As blue is primarily a colour of communication that ‘blue feeling’ can also come from a fear of speaking out at how you really feel in case of being judged for your individuality. You might, alternatively be feeling the positive aspects of the colour and be really talkative and chatty, just be sure to engage your brain before you engage your mouth, oh yeah and remember to pause for a reply.


And your health…?

Blue is great for lowering your blood pressure or a fever and is also good for helping with allergies and most ear, nose and throat issues. An aversion to blue could be suggesting low blood pressure or issues with regulating body temperature. Stay away from this colour if you suffer from bad circulation as it might encourage hypothermia!


Choose Blue for…

Getting your point over in a conversation, encouraging truthful, open communication and allowing your authentic self to surface. Bringing shy people out of their shell without startling them.


If you are gonna wear it…

Don’t be too stuffy about it, it’s a vast range of colours from steely greys to almost lavender and they all have different attributes… oh, and stay away from it if you have what I refer to as “milk-bottle-blue” skin, this is when your skin is so pale that your veins are evident… it’s not a good choice unless the un-dead is what you are aiming for (though you should be able to pull off navy).


Balance Me…

With orange or yellow, the first says “yes honey I can hold a conversation after the act” (wink). The second says “this debate is going to be fun.” Both colours will inspire confidence to dispel the cold sharp edges that blue can have and temper any insecurity issues.


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