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It’s time to get past the out-dated way of seeing things only in black and white before we go on to interpret this colour. Though the power of opposites is apparent everywhere in our reality: Black and white, yin and yang, dark and light, good and bad… All colours have these attributes and black does not sit solely in one category or the other. Though it’s not strictly a colour it is rather the absence of colour or the inclusion of all of them that makes it unique, it is the level of contrast against the norm that tells of the level of extremes


Positive Attributes

Power, Definition, Control, Commanding and Deliberate


Negative Attributes

Greif, Harsh, Overpowering, Unyielding and Uniform


How are you feeling…?

When we choose black sometimes it is indicative of needing a place to hide (sometimes in plain sight), like when we wear a uniform or corporate colours to identify the whole rather than the individual. It can offer a place of silence and retreat away from the harsher aspects of everyday life like the interior of a bedroom with the curtains drawn. For some black offers safety for some the unknown or unknowable but consider that though you may not be able to see the things that go bump in the night, within this space they may also be unable to see you.


Black is impersonal and though many teenagers choose this colour as a statement, the only statement it actually makes is that “I don’t know who I am yet” or even that you are less than comfortable with the real you that you would have the outside world realise.


And your health…?

If you chose Black today as your colour of choice then there is probable a need for you to be grounded and practical, having your head in the clouds is not an option. This colour can indicate “Black Moods” and depression though those issues are far better indicated by alternative colours. It is more likely that you are passing through a resting, restorative phase, where you are not sure where you at or how you feel.


Choose Black for…

Helping you to rest and take time out, or to hide your true feelings from others (though they will subconsciously know that you are hiding). Also use it to restore order where there has been chaos or upheaval, bringing you back to the point when you have digressed or “lost the plot”… remember that black is not a colour we should stay in, merely passing through on the way to elsewhere.


If you are gonna wear it…

As a stunning statement and accessorise with something bold  - not just diamonds though girls, as much as Coco Chanel would have you believe it works, all it says is I’m hiding and trying my best to dazzle you with something less than my authentic self… unless of course that’s what you are aiming for?

If you wear black unadorned you will create the effect of not being noticed which works well if you are trying to promote something that you do not wish your personality to detract from.

Warning… wear a healthy glow, if you have very pale “English Rose” skin-tone then Black will make you look like a corpse. The contrast will not flatter you!


Balance Me…

If you are feeling the adverse effects of some of the negative attributes of this colour then please avoid white, though it us usual to balance a colour with its opposite, this contrast is too stark and would be frightening for some, instead opt for gentle “warm” pastels like pale pink and yellow, an excellent choice would be pastel coral or peach as it gently supports the sacral area which is our social and sensual centre.


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