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Wow! Here in reserved Britain it would seem that this is the colour we most fear and yet Mother Nature uses an abundance of it. I’m writing this as we head into autumn and as the leaves turn the colour will be everywhere. Sexy, sophisticated and completely uncompromising it does not ask permission to be exactly what it is. It is the colour of sunset, autumn, harvest and abundance, thrill-seeking and adventure. Conversely it can create fear of loss and cause heightened stimulation to your sexual and adrenal function, without an outlet this can lead to stress.


Positive Attributes

Sexy, Vitality, Energy, Passion, Abundance, Sensuality, Adventure


Negative Attributes

Stress, Shock, Risk, Control, Manipulation, Indulgence, Possessiveness


How are you feeling…?

Reaching for the orange is a sign that you are in your god/goddess mode and possibly feeling full of life, flirty and confident, a sure sense of self is indicated here and potentially joy and abundance are a big part of your plans. This colour sometimes heralds hedonistic tendencies and a carefree way of being. Dancing and playfulness might be high on your agenda as is sex.


And your health…?

Orange encourages flow and vitality and so this colour is a great way of helping to re-energise yourself after a period of illness, bringing you back to your natural bounce. It promotes a healthy libido and a spring in your step. Orange is also very efficient and combatting stress and stress hormones by steering your towards exercise and healthy release. People who have just come through trauma and are grieving are often repelled by this colour but paradoxically it is the most efficient at healing those issues.


Choose Orange for…

Attracting a mate, flirting and increasing sexuality and vitality. Also for soothing out stressed adrenals and kidneys or promoting a healthy exercise routine.


If you are gonna wear it…

It works best with a bronzed body and it should be tempered with other earthy tones unless you intend to attract a lot of attention. People who wear orange are usually the life and soul of a party and are great fun to be around. Less is more so don’t feel the need to over accessorise.


Balance Me…

Like red this colour can be balanced with greens and blues but its most effective counterpart is indigo/navy which will temper it’s hedonism with a little intellect to stop you bungi-jumping off the nearest roof for adventures sake before you have remembered to attach the rope!


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