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You may be aware of the associations of being red with anger or even red with embarrassment, seeing red and a red rag to a bull, but these all go towards encouraging you to focus on the negative aspects of this life giving hue. Don’t be too hasty in expecting those sayings to be the influence of your day if your chose this colour.


Positive Attributes

Power, Energy, Strength, Grounding, Warming, Comfort


Negative Attributes

Anger, Resentment, Overpowering, Overheating, Dominance.


How are you feeling…?

Choosing red can often indicate that you are in need of an energy boost and maybe struggling to achieve the things set before you. You may find that you are holding resentful emotions towards others, especially those who appear to be getting ahead as red can create a competitive nature if kept unchecked. Alternatively if you are finding yourself repelled or repulsed by this colour you may be denying deep-seated anger within yourself and be supressing natural ways of releasing tension.


And your health…?

Red can indicate problems with fatigue and energy drain and often nervous exhaustion. More often than not it also shows blood pressure and circulatory problems. If you suffer from high blood pressure red is not the colour for you, nor would I recommend it if you are prone to hot flashes as it will naturally increase you temperature.


Choose Red for…

Increasing your drive and energy and if you need an extra boost. It also works well in darker shades like maroon and burgundy in bedrooms as it creates a womb like safe space in order to recharge your batteries.


If you are gonna wear it…

Fire engine red is a warning colour and often indicates danger but it also indicates “I’m in charge.” If you fly Virgin Atlantic you will be reassured by the steward’s uniforms as the shout I’m in control and I know what I’m doing! Wearing this colour takes charisma and confidence and will stand out in any crowd. If you want to portray sexy siren or femme fatal then this colour is for you. Stay away from red if you have naturally ginger/copper hair as the clash can be really jarring! Warning: if you suffer from high blood pressure do not wear red above your waist as it will aggravate the condition. Red looks great on both pale and tanned skin especially if you have dark hair!


Balance Me…

Many years ago I trained as a fashion designer and I would never suggest this combo for the purposes of a sophisticated ensemble but the best colour to balance red is green… just think about the green based foundation you girls ask for at Boots when you are trying to conceal your blushing! Also if you are using colour to balance your temperature or blood pressure then blue is the best way to go.


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