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Whilst trying to create a beautiful sunny room at home, I searched high and low to find some wallpaper in this colour and could I hell as like? It begs the question, what are we afraid of? The only time we see this colour in abundance in the UK is at Easter when it’s time to create your bonnet! Innocence and childlike wonder exist in this colour and it encompasses joyous freedom from responsibility… Bliss.


Positive Attributes

Sunshine, Positive Outlook, Optimism, Joy, Bliss, Youthfulness, Playfulness, Wealth.


Negative Attributes

Fear, Cowardice, Resistance, Denial, Depression, Deceit, Negativity.


How are you feeling…?

If we resist life, resist change or the passage of time it is quite usual for us to feel the negative effects of this beautiful colour. Fear-based emotion is held within the Solar Plexus or yellow chakra and creates knots in the stomach when we are find life or information hard to digest. This colour of sunshine and youth is yearned for when a blissful childlike innocent approach is taken to whatever life throws at you. If you can witness the world with wonder then yellow will be your colour of choice.


And your health…?

Aversion to yellow can often indicate digestive problems and even clinical depression which stems from repressing emotion in the liver area. Jaundice comes from the French word jaune which literally translates as yellow. Acid reflux, indigestion, biliousness etc. all connected with yellow. This sunshiny hue is excellent for dealing with diabetes symptoms as it stimulates the pancreas, so if you are attracted to yellow it can signal that you are instinctively healing yourself, whilst being repelled by it may mean that your blood sugar is out of balance.


Choose Yellow for…

Increasing abundant flow and joyfulness, increasing your inherent playful nature and slowing down the aging process (at least emotionally if not physically). It’s great for helping you stick to your diet and weight control issues too as it balances the energy in the stomach area and allows you to distinguish between emotional emptiness and the need to refuel with food.


If you are gonna wear it…

Stick with sunshine yellows and stay clear of lemon or acidic tones unless you have flawless olive skin as it will inevitably make you look insipid otherwise! Wear it with a smile and you will attract gentle, positive people into your orbit.


Balance Me…

The exact opposite on the colour wheel is violet and this is the shade you would use to balance its effects just as you would place a new-born baby with Jaundice under an ultra-violet lamp. Any purple or indigo shade will be effective too as it will balance emotion, willpower and intellectual to productive, creative ends.


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