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The cards below have been shuffled randomly.  Click one to see what the Tarot has to say about you.

Tarot deck

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Tarot dates back to Ancient Egyptian times and has been used by cultures all over the globe. It became popular in Britain during the Victorian era when all things paranormal and supernatural became all the rage.


Free Just For You


This free tool here on our website is just a taster of how tarot can work for you. If you are interested in a full reading by Jo Jerodene, either in person (Sheffield only) or by email, then please see details in our services section.

Important Note


This tool is intended to be for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as an alternative to medical or psychological care.


*By using this tarot free reading service you are agreeing that you are responsible for your own emotional wellbeing and that no liability for such shall fall to the Academy of Spiritual Knowledge, its members, nor the system designer.*


How to use the Tarot


The Tarot cards on this website work in exactly the same way as physical Tarot cards.  As this page opens the cards are shuffled into a random order and they stay in that order until you pick one.  Each time you open this page they're shuffled into a different random order.


Step 1: First of all I want you to centre yourself. Try to clear your mind of all the chatter and stuff that you don't really want cluttering up your most powerful resource.


Step 2: Now, focus entirely on your question and really formulate it in your minds eye.


Step 3: Hover the mouse over the cards and allow your instinct to help you choose the card that will answer your question or be your focus for the day.


Step 4: Once you have decided which card you would like, click on it and your card will open up on a new page along with its guidance and information.


Step 5: If you have more questions you can come back to this page as many times as you like and repeat the process. The cards are automatically shuffled for you each time the page is refreshed.


Love and many Blessings  Jo x