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Mother Nature’s way of balancing everything else, this colour is rife throughout a massive percentage of the planet and depicts fertility, growth and freedom. No matter who you are, finding the right shade of green for you can be a life affirming accomplishment. It encourages peace, freedom and tranquillity as well as hope for the ever turning cycle of life.


Positive Attributes

Beginnings, Growth, Freedom, Space, Balance, Patience, Re-Birth, Renewal


Negative Attributes

Naivety, inexperience, Illness, Clinical, Envy/Jealousy, Insecurity.


How are you feeling…?

We have heard the expression green with envy, it comes from the feeling of not belonging or being dispossessed and the yearning that goes along with the apparent need to have something that someone else seems to have that you are missing out on. The converse side of this coin is that you actually have freedom from it (whatever it is). Freedom is the most valuable commodity that human beings have access to and yet so often we give it away without thinking. Balance, peace and harmony and even escape are all usually apparent when we choose green or it chooses us. Combine that with a need to start afresh and you will be beginning to understand.


And your health…?

When we head for green space or the great outdoors it is usually to find balance or to breathe in fresh, clean air. I once did a colour reading for one of my aunties using some coloured therapy sunglasses and when I asked her to tell me how she felt about the green ones she said they reminded her of death and took them off immediately: My aunty was a heavy smoker at the time and the response told me the exact state of her lungs! We also instinctively reach for green when we have itchy skin conditions as it balances the red and our skin is after all, our 3rd lung… your skin needs to breathe too.


Green is the colour we most associate with hospitals and so gets a bad rep because nobody wants to be in hospital. There is a reason it’s there though, it’s the most relaxing, healing colour there is and that’s why Mama Nature is so liberal and generous with it. Green can balance heart energy, slow down your breathing and your heart rate and reduce stress… that’s why all of us spiritual and healer types tell you to go outside into nature and hug a tree… that tree will change your life, clear your mind and open your heart to new possibilities. Create your garden today and witness growth in every area of your life.


Choose Green for…

De-stressing, slowing down the pace of life, finding peace, stillness and silence as well as healing and inspiring creative thought. It will help you release toxins from the blood stream and also allow you to let go of the reigns and trust life more. Green helps promote unconditional, no-strings-attached loving relationships.


If you are gonna wear it…

There is not a skin tone in the world that green will not suit. There are as many shades of green as there are people if not more and that’s was always the intention. Look outside your window and let nature inspire you: if she can put green with everything then so can you. Light spring greens for new projects and beginnings, emeralds for transformative magic. Play with it and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Balance Me…

Absolutely no need whatsoever! Use green to balance the others but she is fine by herself.

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