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Think of a midnight sky and then get yourself lost in it… This is a place of dreams and inspiration, of prophesy and foresight. Here we find intellect and academia and the minds limitless capabilities.


Positive Attributes

Dreaming, Foresight, Intellect, Reason, Mindfullness, Invention, Logic


Negative Attributes

Fantasising, Detachment from Reality, Deep depression, Inflexibility of thought


How are you feeling…?

Indigo is the colour we most associate with dreaming and inventiveness. It is likely that you are experiencing vivid or even prophetic dreams at this time. It can also be a signal that you are too wrapped up in academia and not allowing yourself to dream. The positive and negative aspects of this colour are reversible and it is as bad to be wrapped up in fantasy rather than reality as it is vice versa. A healthy dose of both is necessary for healthy brain function. It is necessary to shut off from your intellect (frontal brain function) every so often to allow your higher wisdom (rear/mid brain) to shine through. Do this through meditation on a regular basis. People with an aversion to Indigo often have issue with authority and the establishment and sometimes feel they have something to prove to the world instead of something to discover from it.


And your health…?

Indigo is perfect for healing headaches, migraines and eye strain. It can improve memory and concentration and quieten an overactive mind, silencing mind chatter and clutter.


Choose Indigo for…

Studying or revising for exams as well as for recollection. Useful for finding silence within yourself and for prophesising or indulging in ritual.


If you are gonna wear it…

It can be severe and austere (hence why police officers wear it) it is a judgemental colour if not tempered with something soft. Boys if you are wearing a dark suit then put on a pale pink shirt if you don’t want to scare people and girls either pale pink or soft peach please.


Balance Me…

Believe it or not, like blue, orange balances this colour best. Orange takes you out of your head and gets you back in your body, allowing physical self-expression is the best way to avoid becoming bogged down in thought.

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