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This is the colour of the soul and the soul star chakra (a 5th dimensional chakra situated about 8 inches above your head). The colour stimulates both self-love and the concept of cosmic or universal love. Connecting you with your soul group (monad) and also you akashic record which holds the information of your entire soul journey through this life and every life you have lived and are yet to live. It is the colour of eternity.


Positive Attributes

Soul Connection, Love, Eternity, Infinity, Selflessness, Abundant Flow


Negative Attributes

Selfishness, Childishness, Impatience, Entitlement, Lack-Mentality, Loneliness.


How are you feeling…?

Reaching for this colour is a sign that you may be in need of a bit of self-pampering. Many of us see this opulent shade as a signal for romance and the search for a soul mate or twin flame. A healthy use of this colour can dispel the need to find connection in another soul, recognising that we are already complete and that the search is in fact the search for God within ourselves. You may feel lonely when you reach for this colour. Occasionally this colour reminds me of the teenage spoilt brat that stamps her feet and makes demands because nothing is ever enough, This feeling is a result of trying to find solace in material things instead of from within.


And your health…?

This colour is a great antidote to depression through its promotion of self-love and acceptance. When we are weary through giving selflessly this can relieve the power-drain we feel when we forget to also give to ourselves. This colour is the eternal Holy Grail from which to refill.


Choose Magenta for…

Spoiling yourself and indulging in a little naughty exuberance now and again. Also for providing a comforting contrast that has no gender even though it is essentially a shade of pink!


If you are gonna wear it…

This colour goes with everything… absolutely everything but is most balanced with turquoise. Whether you are male or female this colour will work for you in the right combination and quantity. Be aware that it attracts people towards you as it gives off a friendly loveable energy that is unthreatening however bright. It is particularly attractive to children.


Balance Me…

Turquoise is the colour of the higher heart chakra through which this “love from above” colour can enter the body’s energy system and the two colours evoke a perfect combination of giving and receiving. True Magenta is actually invisible to the naked eye as it is a combination of Ultra Violet and Infra-Red, both sitting just outside our visible spectrum. The colour we use or refer to as magenta here is really Hot Pink/Cerise.


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