Meditation on tranquil lake

Let Us Guide You...


Nothing is more pwerful than your own inner guidance and the best way to hear it is to meditate.

Our Free Gift to You

This meditation download for relaxation and stress relief, with music especially selected to inspire you

and enhance the experience.

Allow this gift to help you relax, unwind and de-stress.


Stressed at work?

No problem!

Feel free to pop it on your ipod and take us with you.


Please do not listen to these whilst driving or operating machinery.


Guided Meditation


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A journey through grounding and connecting to source energy, aimed at gentle relaxation and stress relief.

A 10 min conscious awareness visualisation for you to download.


Written and guided by Jo Jerodene


Engineered by David Paskell


*This work is protected by copyright law and should not be used in public performance. It is available with the sole purpose of your own personal enjoyment and healing.