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This delicate tint of red with added white (or light) is a soothing colour which evokes the gentleness of a mother’s love and is best used as an aid to nurturing and recuperation. A very feminine shade you might think it is incapable of powerful acts but not so


Positive Attributes

Nurturing, Healing, Loving, Sensitive, Gentle, Survivor


Negative Attributes

Emasculating, Overbearing, Emotional, Limiting, Victim


How are you feeling…?

Reaching for this delicate shade of pink may be a sign that you are approaching exhaustion and are in need of the care expressed by a mother figure. Can also indicate emotional shock such as heartbreak from a romantic break-up or conversely the seeking of more romance in ones life. This colour is extremely manipulative and can be used for emotional blackmail in some circumstances.


And your health…?

Holding within it the essence of red it promotes the rebuilding of physical energy slowly and softly where red may create a shocking rush that overloads the system too quickly creating its own problems with anger and resentment and the inability to process the incident emotionally. You may have been very ill and now in the recovery stages or have undergone a serious shock to the system or psyche.


Choose Pink for…

Rebuilding after trauma or heartbreak. Also its feminine nature can help you to balance masculine tendencies in both men and women so you can use it to help you explore your yin energy.


If you are gonna wear it…

Only ever wear delicate pink as an accent colour unless you are trying to portray the damsel in distress. Boys it will emasculate you but could be useful in small doses if you want to get in touch with your softer feminine nature. Girls it will encourage your man to take care of you and be over-protective of you, but he will want to cuddle you not ravish you, so be warned if it’s it not what you want and you prefer to open your own doors and carry your own bags!


Balance Me…

Black or Grey. These more severe colours can be softened by pink and provide an androgynous background to counter the effects of the overtly feminine feel (unless that’s what you are going for in which case add more pink and maybe even a splash of Magenta).


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