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I have been an accomplished, intuitive tarot reader and teacher for well over a decade. Allow me to guide you through your life's path by giving you insights into your past, present and your potential future...


You can book a personal email reading to give you guidance on the things that are important in your life right now.


Tarot is primarily a counselling tool. Anyone who is savvy with the tarot deck will know that the more input you have in your reading the more you will get out of it... that's why, upon booking your reading, you will hear from me to gather information on your current concerns and questions so that your reading will be in context for the things that you most want guidance on.


NB: Readings are limited in availability due to the constraints of Jo's schedule so grab yours now!



You can order your personal reading by email and I guarantee your cards will be personally read by me. I will write you a full report including which cards you were dealt (and any additional spreads I used for you). I will also add any insights from my Guardian Angel and Guides to help you on your journey. Please note that readings take approximately 10 working days.


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NB: Limited Availability... (New slots become available each month so don't panic if you missed out this time around)

In Depth Spreads


The Priorities Spread


This in depth reading combines a 3 card (Past, Present & Future) spread with a 16 card (Priorities) spread that focuses on the 4 main areas of your life: Health & Stresses, Love & Relationships, Finances & Resources and Career & Creation. Using only the Major Arcana and the Aces from the deck, it plots the most important influences in your life in order of priority and looks at them in timeline perspective - what brought you here, where you are, where you are going. Of course as always, Jo's gentle but straight forward guidance comes as standard.