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Life Path Counselling

Spiritual Life Path Counselling

Are you currently navigating a major life change or looking for direction after some sort of ending?

Life is made up of endings; the good news is that each one brings a new beginning. Jo has been counselling individuals and groups through life’s changes for years and has, as a result decided to set up dedicated Life Path counselling appointments to help you to find your brand new start.

Life Path Counselling is all about new beginnings and new beginnings are often uncertain especially if you have been used to doing things a certain way for a very long time.


  •          Are you newly an empty-nester or about to become one?
  •          Have you recently lost your job or been made redundant?
  •          Has your relationship ended and you’re looking to find yourself?
  •          Do you have an idea, dream or ambition and have no idea where to start?


These are all areas that Life Path Counselling can help you to explore and make the most of your gifts and talents in order to fulfil your potential… Or perhaps…


  •          Are you stuck in a job, relationship or situation you don’t like?
  •          Have you been feeling uninspired and wondering if there’s more to life?
  •          Have you settled for less than you deserve?
  •          Have you realised you’ve been following someone else’s dream?


Through Jo’s healing work many of her clients have remained with her far beyond the original healing they required, because once the realisation of empowerment is obtained, the sky’s the limit and Jo makes it her priority to help you find a way to overcome your fears and obstacles so that there is a clear path between you and that star with your name on it.


You have no idea what you are capable of until you try. Discover your divine gifts by exploring what sets your soul ablaze with Jo as your guide and just maybe you’ll uncover your purpose simply by taking a few small steps along the path.


Are you ready to get started?


Jo will cover:

Session 1: Where you’ve been and where you are at in your life

Session 2: Your hopes, dreams, gifts & talents

Session 3: Life Path and how to put the above to good use.


NB: you can choose the pay as you go method if you wish and follow the above structure over 3 sessions or a single session can be less structured to suit your needs.


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