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Flow: That’s what comes to mind when this colour is cast in front of me. It enables the witness to allow life to happen without interference and as a result to capture the lessons and the pleasure, creatively to be passed on to others. This colour invariably awakens the teacher within us as we bring forth a brand new message or an old message in a brand new way for a new generation. Ancient wisdom is carried within this colour and connection to a mystical past that is beginning to reawaken in the here and now.


Positive Attributes

Ancient Wisdom, Relevance, Teaching, Nurturing, Timelessness, Newness, Truth.


Negative Attributes

Dispassionate, Mimicry, Repetitive, Shoal or Heard Mentality, Misunderstanding


How are you feeling…?

When we opt for turquoise as a totem colour for the day it can be spell opportunity. This opportunity is usually a selfless one where there is scope for taking learning and experience and using the resultant wisdom to educate others in a brand new way. Turquoise is often used for developing self-expression in a creative way and so is often adopted by artists, musicians, poets and writers who are bringing into the open ancient truths using their own unique talents and capabilities. You may be feeling the need to bring new life into the world, not just through children of your own but through projects, art, and beauty, you may also have a hankering to develop the tendancy in others.


And your health…?

Turquoise affects the thymus chakra and your body’s ability to regulate tissue salts. Bone density and calcium affected areas might require attention such as your hair, nails and teeth. Turquoise is excellent for treating osteoporosis (brittle bones). All these things are about the solid structure around which the rest of our lives revolve: the underlying truth.


Choose Turquoise for…

Developing creative talents and teaching/nurturing others. Also for injecting a sense of relevance into everything that you do.


If you are gonna wear it…

Like green it is easy to wear and ranges from almost blue to almost green.  Stronger shades are surprisingly easier to wear than pastels and suit most skin tones.


Balance Me…

Hot Pink/Magenta is the colour of choice to balance turquoise as it encourages us to be more selfless and recognise the value in the smallest mundane detail. As turquoise is associated with the higher heart of universal loving, and magenta the soul star chakra (higher 5th dimensional chakra) of universal consciousness, the energy of the latter enters the body through the former connecting and creating cosmic flow. (Plus the contrast is really quite pleasant to the eye)!


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