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Violet corresponds to your crown chakra and is the most spiritual of colours it encompasses a higher connectedness and the notion of sovereignty and knowing who you are on a much deeper, rather than superficial level.


Positive Attributes

Peace, Empathy, Spirituality, Sovereignty, Higher Wisdom, Searching


Negative Attributes

Separation, Superiority, Hypersensitivity, Elitism


How are you feeling…?

People who are attracted to violet and other shades of purple tend to know exactly who they are and what they want. If you feel that life isn’t living up to your expectations, this colour can spell a sense of entitlement which is unbecoming of the spiritual aspects of its nature. More often than not, choosing this colour indicates that you are a spiritual person seeking connection to something higher and on a quest towards enlightenment. You may feel guided and blessed and have an overarching instinct that everything is as it should be.


And your health…?

Supporting higher brain function, violet supports healthy restful sleep, meditation and conceptualising. Stimulating the pineal gland this colour can also bend your perception of reality, seeming to expand and contract time.(Though this may be mainly due to the calmer application of resources rather than the actual manipulation of physics)!


Choose Violet for…

Promoting or aiding sleep or meditation, relaxation and calm, assured methodology. Also for seeking connection to higher realms such as angels and Source.


If you are gonna wear it…

Violet is a commanding, regal colour and promotes respect, though it is also feared for its magical and mystical connections. Avoid mixing it with lots of other colours unless you are intending to portray a hippy look. Putting this colour with white is a very powerful combination as it screams royal and pure… add gold and you may as well be wearing ermine!


Balance Me…

The natural balance to violet is yellow which takes you out of your head back into your body and allows you to experience the bliss of the higher connection.

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