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Not strictly a colour, White is in fact the combination of all the colours as we note when we shine white light through a prism causing it to refract (split) back into the full spectrum or rainbow. The colour of the purist often of aspiration, it is very hard to live up to.


Positive Attributes

Light, Pure, Sincerity, Truth, Aspirational, Optimistic


Negative Attributes

Stark, Blinding, Impossible, Disappointment


How are you feeling…?

I’m impressed that you are reaching for this shade because it is so aspirational and suggests that you are search to become so much more than you might think you are. It suggests that you are somehow wanting to wash away the lower vibrations of everyday life to become closer to God. White is sometimes a good indicator that you are disappointed with life and attempting to correct or “whitewash” the disappointments.


And your health…?

Whatever your issues you are reaching for more: more health, more peace, more unity, more of everything that can only be obtained by looking within or metaphorically “UP.” You have a sense that you can physically, intellectually and emotionally transcend any issue.


Choose White for…

Ceremonial dress and for seeking or searching beyond oneself. White is also useful for starting afresh as in with a blank canvas. It draws a line under where you have been to give you the best shot at tomorrow from a higher perspective.


If you are gonna wear it…

Oh dear… The white shirt! The reason I mention disappointment in the negative attributes is that you just can’t keep it clean or pure, no matter how hard you try. This colour will work with any other colour as it contains all of them but keep it for special occasions as you will only beat yourself up when you ruin it… us humans are just meant to be a bit messy. Off white or cream might be an easier aspiration. White suits all skin tones if done properly.


Balance Me…

It’s already in perfect balance as it contains all colours. Black is its opposite but this contrast can be stark. Yin and yang!


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